Teaching experience 1

Undergraduate course, University 1, Department, 2014

Faculty of Science, Geology and Geochemistry, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

B.Sc. Magmatic and Metamorphic Petrology, including one-week Massif Central field trip: Magmatic section (year 2)
B.Sc. Introduction to Geobiology (year 2, 1 lecture)
B.Sc. Natural hazards (year 2, coordinator)
B.Sc. Petrology of System Earth: Analytical topics (year 3)
B.Sc. Fieldtrip and mapping excercise Skye (year 3)
M.Sc. Mantle Properties in Lithospheric Development (year 1, 2 lectures).
M.Sc. Magmatic Processes (year 1, 4 lectures).
M.Sc. Volcanology (year 2, coordinator, 7 lectures).
M.Sc. Advanced Geochemistry (year 2, 2 lectures).
M.Sc. Archeometry III (year 2, 5 lectures).
M.Sc. Planetary Science (year 2, 2 lectures).
M.Sc. Thesis research project (yrs 1 and 2).